CBD drops infused with organic Herbs
DESCRIPTION: The Herbs in this formula are incorporated as sedating and calming agents that will not make you sleepy. This formula supports the nervous system in enhancing awareness and staying present in the moment.  
BENEFITS: Incorporating Lavender and Chamomile, along with other herbs, our Calm formula delivers one of the most effective combinations of CBD and organic herbs in the marketplace.


INGREDIENTS : Pesticide Free Broad spectrum CBD, Proprietary blend of Extracts made with: Organic Lavender Herb, Chamomile flower, Lemon Balm herb, GotuKola Kola herb, Lobelia herb, Mullein leaf, Organic MCT oil, Organic Glycerin, Lecithin and Natural flavors.  



  • Shake well before use.  Do not take without a good Shake!
  • Store in a cool dry place.
  • Dropper use: Gently squeeze the rubber end and release. Full dropper (1ML) per dose.
  • Take 1 full dropper (1ML) orally once or twice daily.
  • Avoid touching dropper to mouth to preserve the quality of your hemp extract oil.
  • CBD drops infused with organic Herbs